Baysider Catering's philosophy requires us to be the best in our industry. Every action we take results from our acute focus on perfection. As professionals in our trade we know what the customers expect from us. This is the main goal we set out to do with every single order we deliver to the customer. We have created an amazing team to simplify the process, and to ensure we leave a lasting impression for the customer. We recognize the importance and power of food when people gather. Breaking bread to­gether enhances a sense of community, offers comfort and creates joy. We fill an important role and take great care to honor this position by doing the following: cooking food from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients; taking our role in the community seriously and making socially responsible purchasing decisions; serving great tasting food that exceeds the expectations of our guests; recognizing that every client we serve is unique and creat­ing tailored menus for each one and serving a wide variety of menu items, keeping things fresh, fun, and interesting.